Appointments & Fees

Referrals and appointments

The clinic accepts referrals from individuals, couples, families, physicians, clergy, schools, social-service agencies, law-enforcement agencies, businesses, and others. We do not work with active substance abuse cases, nor can we participate in forensic cases, as our students are not licensed.

To make an appointment, please call the Counseling and Family Therapy Clinic at 940-898-2600 to complete an initial phone intake where you will give basic information about yourself, your availability, and your needs. If you call when the clinic is not open, please leave your name, a telephone number, and the best time to you call back. Either the clinic assistant or a clinic manager will call you back the next business day after the clinic opens. If you prefer that we DO NOT call you back, please indicate such in the voicemail.

The clinic closes when TWU is closed for holidays or inclement weather.

Intake process

Intakes are $15, and payment is due at the time of the service.

After completing the initial phone intake, your information forwarded to an intake specialist who will call you at a later date to schedule an official intake appointment with you. On the day of your intake appointment, you will arrive at the clinic fifteen minutes early to check in and fill out paperwork. You must provide some form of identification. A driver’s license, state ID, passport, are all acceptable forms of identification. After completing paperwork, you will meet with a counselor for an hour where you will be asked a series of questions and have the opportunity to share any relevant history or concerns.

If the intake is for a minor, the parent or guardian must provide identification, and if necessary, legal documentation of custody or guardianship.


The clinic charges $15 for the initial intake.

The clinic runs on a sliding scale. This means that fees are based on income and family size. We do not accept insurance.

Payment is accepted through cash, check, or credit/debit card.

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