Counseling and Family Therapy Clinic

Message from the TWU Counseling and Family Therapy Clinic:

We are committed to your wellness. We are concerned about the health, safety and wellbeing of all clients and the community we serve.

As a result of COVID-19, we have taken measures to ensure that you remain safe, we reduce the spread of Coronavirus and we do not unnecessarily overwhelm medical facilities. The Counseling and Family Therapy Clinic is aligned with TWU’s recommendations to reduce the number of people on campus as students move to online classes.

Our clinic will remain closed for in-person services for now to support our community as we follow the Center for Disease Control and World Health Organization’s recommendations. We are providing telehealth services. Feel free to call us for information about our services at 940-898-2600.

We understand that this time of uncertainty can create anxiety for you and your loved ones. If you find you are having a difficult time or are in crisis:

  • Call 911
  • Go to your local emergency room
  • Contact MHMR at 1-800-762-0157

If there is not an immediate crisis and you would like to talk to someone, text 741741.

For up-to-date information from TWU on COVID-19 procedures, please check

We will get through this time. We are resilient. Please take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Who we are

The TWU Counseling and Family Therapy Clinic provides low-cost counseling for adults and children. We provide family, couple, groups, and individua services. We also offer play therapy for children ages 3-11 and expressive arts therapy for adolescents and adults. The clinic staff consists of graduate students from two disciplines, Family Therapy and Counseling and Development. The internship students assist clients in resolving a variety of concerns.

Our commitment

Our primary mission is to join with individuals, couples, and families to create solutions to problems they face. We pride ourselves on creating an atmosphere of dignity and safety for the people we serve. We believe that healthy individuals, couples, and families create healthier communities. Our student therapists work with each family, couple, and individual to create practical and effective ways of solving the client’s concerns, issues and problems. Clinic staff, managers, and assistants are available to answer questions and work through client concerns if necessary. The clinic director and faculty associated with the clinic are licensed professionals in counseling and development, family therapy, and psychology.


All services and records are handled with strict confidentiality to protect all clients using the clinic’s services. Reports or information will be released only after the clinic manager or director obtains written permission from each adult client involved in the counseling process, in accordance with Texas law.

Limits to confidentiality include:

  • Disclosure of child abuse and/or neglect
  • Disclosure of elderly abuse and/or neglect
  • If we are subpoenaed by a court
  • Disclosure of abuse from a mental health care professional
  • If you disclose that you are a harm to yourself and/or others i.e. suicidal ideation & homicidal ideation

Potential benefits and potential risks of counseling


  • Increased self-awareness and awareness of own choices in one’s life, relationships, etc.
  • Psychoeducation/insight on psychological or behavioral issues or patterns of interaction
  • Opportunities to develop and practice new skills in a supportive environment
  • Support in reaching personal goals


  • Remembering or discussing difficult experiences
  • Experiencing intense emotions

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