President's Leadership Council

Students selected for the Presidents Leadership Council (PLC) scholarship receive an annual award of $5,000. At this time, this scholarship cannot be combined with any other TWU scholarship. It can be combined with external awards. To apply for this scholarship, please click the button below and search for the President’s Leadership Council scholarship and follow the instructions.

Apply for the PLC Scholarship


To apply for the President’s Leadership Council, you must meet the following:

  • First-time entering freshman student
  • Rank in the top 20 percent of your high school graduating class or equivalent academic merit, preferred
  • Demonstrated leadership in school and/or community
  • Standardized test scores will not be required for the fall 2021 application

A holistic review of academic factors, activities/involvement and leadership ability will be provided to all applicants that meet the criteria and successfully complete the application process.

Scholarship applications submitted by the January priority deadline will be evaluated and select candidates will be invited to attend the Scholarship Invitational, which is typically held in February. Following interviews, up to thirty students will be offered invitations to participate in the President’s Leadership Council.

If necessary, candidates who apply after the priority date but before the March 15 deadline, may be considered for a second round of interviews.


PLC scholars participate in the following programming:

Incoming PLC scholars attend the annual PLC Assembly and take a UNIV (Learning Frameworks) class together. If you earned a Learning Frameworks credit while taking college credits at another institution, you are still expected to enroll in this UNIV course as part of the PLC scholarship requirement.

PLC student organization, which plans:

  • Social and community service events
  • Leadership development activities
  • 30 hours of approved activities in at least two of the following four categories:
    • Academic/Research
    • Leadership Development
    • Community Service
    • Career/Skill Development

Current PLC scholars receive a list of approved activities. Additional activities may be added throughout the year.


Incoming President’s Leadership Council (PLC) scholarship recipients are assigned to the PLC Living Learning Community (LLC), which is located in the newly built Parliament Village.

Staying in the PLC LLC, you will be able to bond with other PLC scholars and participate in structured activities. Although new PLC scholars are expected to stay in the PLC LLC, in rare instances you may be exempt from this requirement. If granted an exception, commuter PLC students may be required to attend some of the living-learning community activities, in addition to the regular PLC programs.

While some PLC scholars do not live on campus, those who have found the experience invaluable. The LLC helps make a smooth transition to college, as it allows you to regularly connect with like-minded individuals and build lasting friendships.

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