Certified Student Leader Certification

In previous years, the Center for Student Leadership sent a few students to the National Conference on Student Leadership. In an effort to offer this educational and leadership development opportunity to a larger number of students, we are now offering interested students access to the online Certified Student Leader course prepared by the National Conference on Student Leadership. Students who complete the online modules and successfully pass the course exam, will earn a digital badge from the course publishers. The online course covers critical skills students need to be effective leaders both in college and their careers. Topics covered include:

  • Managing conflict
  • Conducting effective meetings
  • Spearheading strategic planning
  • Leading with integrity
  • Embracing diversity and difference
  • Transitioning leadership
  • Planning and publicizing events

There are a limited number of spots available. Students can sign up for the course individually or student organizations can request that their officers have access. For more information, please contact Lawrencina Mason Oramalu at loramalu@twu.edu.

Page last updated 5:06 PM, July 6, 2023