2023-2024 Officers

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Photo of Nora Sierra

Nora Sierra


Institutional Research & Improvement


Nora has been at TWU for 27 years and currently works as the Assistant to the Vice Provost of Institutional Research & Improvement. She is very involved with ASSET, TAPA, and SECC and knows how to run a fun BINGO game! A fun fact about Nora is that she enjoys playing Dungeons and Dragons. 

Vice President

Picture of Geneva Quincy

Geneva Quincy


College of Professional Education


Geneva has been at TWU for 7 years and is the Assistant to to the Dean of the College of Professional Education. 


Melissa Krydynski


Social Sciences & Historical Studies


Events Coordinator

Photo of Renotta Shed-Hughes

Renotta Shed-Hughes


Center for Student Leadership - Jane Nelson Institute for Women's Leadership




Photo of Gail Orlando smiling.

Gail Orlando


College of Arts & Sciences

Gail has been at TWU for 17 years and currently works as the Assistant to the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. She is a skilled BINGO player as many ASSET members will attest to. 

Public Historian

A photo of Mae Fredrickson

Mae Fredrickson


Center for Faculty Excellence

Mae has been at TWU for almost 2 years and is the Program Coordinator for the Center for Faculty Excellence. She is the Public Historian for ASSET and manages the social media pages plus the website.

She is also a current MBA student at TWU and plans to graduate in Fall 2025. An interesting fact about Mae is that she has a BA in Professional Writing and has both writing and editing experience. She is currently working on a number of poetry books that she plans to self-publish on Amazon within the next year. 

Executive Member

A photo of Jillian Morales smiling.

Jillian Morales


Faculty Success

Jillian has been at TWU for 9 years and is the Assistant to the Vice Provost for Faculty Success. She serves in numerous staff affinity groups at TWU and is the current President for TAPA, a professional development group for administrative support staff. She is also a TWU alumna! 

Asset officers serve one-year terms and are elected in July.

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