Letters of Recommendation

Obtaining a TWU letter packet for your professional school application

What is a TWU letter packet?

A TWU letter packet consists of the following:

  • A cover letter from TWU Pre-Health Advising stating your name, major, degree(s) earned and whether you graduated with honors (if you have already graduated), and graduation date or expected graduation date. The cover letter also provides information about Texas Woman’s University and our university mission to provide admissions committees with context on your educational background
  • TWU Pre-Health evaluation forms submitted by your recommenders
  • Letters of recommendation from your recommenders, on letterhead and with a signature

How do I request a letter packet?

A TWU letter packet is available for medical, dental, veterinary, and pharmacy applicants. CASPA, the application service for PA schools, no longer accepts letter packets, so PA applicants must request individual letters from their recommenders.

Letter of Recommendation Packet Request Form

When we receive your request, we will email you a confirmation and send you the TWU Pre-Health Evaluation Form. Fill out the student information at the top of the form, and sign EITHER that you waive your right to see the evaluation OR that you do not waive your right to see the evaluation. *ONLY SIGN ONE LINE.* Email your form back to us with this top section completed.

We will provide each of your recommenders with a copy of your personalized evaluation form, the AAMC Guidelines for Letter Writers, and instructions for sending us their evaluation and letter of recommendation for your packet.

In your application, you should select the "letter packet" or "committee packet" option in the Letters of Recommendation section and enter prehealth@twu.edu as the email address to receive the request.


July 1: deadline for letter packet requests.

July 15: deadline for TWU Pre-Health Advising to receive evaluations and letters.

In order for you to be able to use the TWU letter packet service, we must receive your letter packet request by July 1 of the year you are applying. After July 1, you may no longer request a letter packet, and you will need to request individual letters of recommendation through the application service(s) you are using.

We must receive all evaluation forms and letters for your packet by July 15 of the year you are applying. It is your responsibility to ensure that your recommenders send us their materials by the deadline.

If you are a reapplicant, you need to request a new packet from TWU Pre-Health Advising, and you need to request updated evaluations and letters of recommendation from your recommenders.

Your packet can be uploaded to multiple application services. For example, if you are applying to UT Southwestern and Yale University School of Medicine, you will use TMDSAS and AMCAS, and the same packet may be used for both.

We will upload packets in the order in which we receive requests and completed evaluations. During the busiest part of the application cycle, it may take us several days to get your packet uploaded. Please plan ahead to make sure your application is submitted according to your preferred timeline!


Page last updated 8:22 AM, March 4, 2024