Web Editor Training


Some experience using a CMS is valuable

While web editors don’t need knowledge of HTML, CSS or JavaScript to update their websites, strong computer skills, a sound knowledge of how web pages work, and previous experience using a content management system (CMS) or other complex web-based software are helpful. 

It’s also helpful for web editors to have a good understanding of Writing for Web, and an awareness of accessibility standards as they apply to web pages or documents published on the web

Success depends on how often you use the CMS

Even if you have experience, training and strong computer skills, if you only use the CMS once in a while, your skills will quickly wane. It’s best to use the CMS weekly or at least every other week to keep your skills sharp.

Prerequisites for training in our CMS (T4)

  1. Your request for training in T4 must be approved by the head of your department or the person who is responsible for the content on the website you would edit. 

  2. Accessibility has become such an important aspect of web content*, we require all web editors to complete the following training courses in accessibility before we will train you in T4. 
    • Accessibility for Content Contributors
    • Accessibility for Documents
    • Accessibility for Multimedia
    • Accessibility for PDFs
    • Accessibility for Word

These courses are available online through the Siteimprove Academy. When we receive your request for web editor training, we will share the link to the training system with you. You will need to score 80% or better on the quizzes following the various sections before you qualify for training in T4. 

* A rule in the Texas Administrative Code for higher ed sites in the state of Texas requires that all new or revised content published on our website after April 18, 2020 must be accessible, or an accessible alternative must be provided.


Page last updated 8:42 AM, October 28, 2022