TWU Anthems

Daughters of Texas March

After an evening concert in Denton on October 19, 1928, John Philip Sousa was approached by representatives from TWU (then College of Industrial Arts) with a petition signed by 1,700 young women who wanted Sousa to compose a march for our school. Flattered, as he said, by "the request of seventeen hundred charming Texas girls..." he penned the Daughters of Texas March now played as the recessional at all our graduation ceremonies. 

To the Texas Woman's University

For many years, each entering freshman class adopted an original song to perform at assemblies, sing-a-longs and other occasions where class pride could be expressed. When Jane Ward Pool composed To the Texas Woman's University for the Class of 1946 song, it not only served as her class song but has endured as a lasting tribute to the university.


To the Texas
Woman's University
Forever to be true;
For everything you stand for,
Maroon and white to you.

The friends we've made
While learning here
Will last our whole
lives through.
To the students and
our school,
We pledge ourselves anew.

Alma Mater

While attending the College of Industrial Arts, Mamie Walker, Class of 1917, won a student competition for the best school song and $15 in prize money. Her lyrics for Alma Mater were set to the music of the Russian National Anthem, chosen for its dignity and volume. Mamie Walker joined the TWU Department of English faculty in 1918 and retired in 1958.


Hail Alma Mater! Hail! Joyous we sing;
Voices atune with love shall loudly ring.
Thy students sing today praises to thee,
Hail! Texas Woman's University.

On broad and rolling plains, 'neath Texas skies,
There, crowned with majesty, thy buildings rise.
Thou hast with purpose new lighted our way.
Hail! Alma Mater! Hear our songs today.

Fight Song

In 2010, TWU's Director of Athletics, Chalese Connors, partnered with Pamela Youngblood, PhD, in the Department of Music to establish the Pioneer Pep Band. The band's first director, Mark Lynn, PhD, then set out to compose music for an official fight song while Vicki Baker, PhD, in the Department of Music wrote the lyrics to "TWU Fight!"


Let's go Pioneers and claim victory
With pride and strength we fight
Maroon and white our colors we raise
Symbols of our might!
The Pioneers are proud
So we'll stand and shout out loud


Go Pioneers and claim victory
With pride and strength we fight
Maroon and white our colors we raise
Symbols of our might!
Victory is ours today because we're T-Dub Pioneers!

TWU Fight Song

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