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Stay Scam Aware

IT Solutions is excited that so many of you completed Information Security training. However, being aware of scams and spam is an ongoing effort. 

Your Information is Valuable
Your data and information have become the most valuable 21st Century commodity; a commodity that others are looking to exploit for their own personal gain or profit. It’s wise to challenge a situation when it seems like too much information is being asked. Instead, ask yourself, “Is it really necessary or worth it, that I give up this information?”


  • Ask you to give us your password
  • Ask for your social security number via email

#1 Tip to Avoid Scams
Slow down and read and reply to email on a laptop or computer (rather than your phone), which allows you to see the full email address of the sender, as well as to copy any hyperlinks and test them in a malicious link scanner like 

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Past Announcements

Scheduled Maintenance - Oracle eBusiness & Pioneer Portal

IT Solutions will be performing maintenance on Oracle eBusiness (aka Phoenix) which will also impact Pioneer Portal.

START TIME:        Saturday, July 25, 2020     6:00 am

END TIME:            Saturday, July 25, 2020    12:00 pm


Patches and updates will be applied to ensure continued productivity on these systems.  

What does this mean to you?

Individuals will not be able to access Oracle eBusiness or Pioneer Portal during the maintenance period.

Network Maintenance Windows

July 7, 8:00-9:00 pm 

July 9, 9:00-11:00 pm 

VPN Issues: Internet Connectivity and Remote Desktop Connections

7/1/20 11:00 AM - The root cause has been identified and fix will be deployed overnight

Cybersecurity Tips for Working from Home

Moving at short notice from a trusted office environment to working remotely can create security risks. There has been an increase in coronavirus-related phishing attacks, according to European cybersecurity agency ENISA. Learn more at

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