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After 20 years of service, TWU’s current phone system will be taking a much deserved retirement!  In its place, IT Solutions will begin to leverage Unified Communications by rolling out RingCentral to all faculty and staff across all three campuses. The rollout is currently scheduled to take place during the spring semester of 2021. Stay tuned to this website for the latest status and information. 

What is RingCentral?

RingCentral is a fully cloud-based unified communication solution that provides both traditional telephony services, as well as modern features and capabilities necessary to foster and enable collaboration. These are some of the features and capabilities faculty and staff can look forward to. 

  • New VoIP-based desk phone with soft keys to set personal status, monitor extensions, and park, hold, or transfer calls. 
  • New softphone (i.e. desktop app) allows you to make and receive calls using your TWU number from any laptop/desktop or mobile device
  • Visually manage and listen to voicemail and easily return a call
  • Long distance dialing included means no more 7 digit long distance codes
  • Work from Anywhere - Call Flipping to transfer calls from your deskphone to your cell phone when you have to leave your desk
  • Collaborate Seamlessly - Ring groups and call queues can help bridge on-campus and teleworking teams by ringing a group of phone numbers simultaneously or sequentially
  • Live reports and call analytics now allow for real time pinpointing of RingCentral call quality issues whether on home wireless, on-campus or cellphone 4G/5G

We encourage faculty and staff to begin exploring these new modalities of communication and collaboration through this short introductory video

 See how it works

RingCentral Training

IT Solutions has created and compiled customized training and resources for TWU faculty and staff to quickly acclimate and discover the features of RingCentral. Faculty and staff should review the following resources. 

Quick Start Guides and Articles

Helpful Videos

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