ID Badge Station

TWU Blank ID Badges

Your TWU ID Badge is an essential part of your “daily wear” at the University. It assists the TWU community in identifying you as one of its family members. This is especially important to DPS Officers as they are responsible for ensuring that ONLY TWU students are utilizing rooms and equipment that are reserved for students of this University. You can assist everyone in “getting-to-know-you” by wearing your TWU ID Badge at all times when you are on-campus. 

Card Entry Access

Your ID has increased importance as TWU – Houston operates on a card access entry system for not only the exterior doors to the building, but also to specialized areas. The chip in these proximity cards will enable you to travel unhindered throughout the building as you move from class to study to workout, and back again. Additionally, when the exterior doors to the building are locked but the campus is open, the card will allow you entry on the Fannin side ONLY of the building. (The Old Main doors are now locked at all times, and can be used only to exit the building.)

Security Within the Texas Medical Center Community

With the heightened level of security throughout the Texas Medical Center (TMC), you will quickly discover that everyone is expected to wear a photo ID name badge in this extensive healthcare community.  Please make note that your TWU ID will allow you access to the University of Texas Health Services for medical treatment should the need arise. Additionally, the TMC Library will create a library card for you after seeing your University ID. Generally speaking, in an effort to foster a safe and secure community, please wear your TWU ID Badge at all times while present in the Texas Medical Center.

Getting Started

To assist us in creating your student ID, we ask that you please fill out the small card found inside the camera room.

In order to process your ID, it would help us if you can be prepared to show:

  • a valid picture ID (for example:  driver’s license, passport) - something with your name and photo on the same document, plus
  • a proof of enrollment in TWU such as your class schedule and/or receipt for payment.

Replacement of Your ID Badge (for ANY reason) is $25.00.

At the Student Life Office, a form will be made available for each person to complete, noting that the student account will be charged $25.00 for an ID Badge Replacement. Please be advised that if the fee is not eventually paid, a block will be placed on the student account for an outstanding balance, and the account could, at some point, be turned over to a third party collection agency.

Page last updated 8:11 AM, April 20, 2020