Housing near the TMC

TWU – Houston is a Commuter Campus

The Institute of Health Sciences – Houston, has offered housing in past years. There was a residence hall constructed across from the academic buildings at the former location when TWU was situated at the corner of John Freeman Boulevard and Bertner. Following Tropical Storm Allison a few years ago, the damage sustained to those residence halls was significant enough to prompt a closing of housing at the Houston site. As the new building was planned, sketched and constructed on the corner of Fannin, Holcombe and Main, there was a deliberate decision to once again not include housing, making this strictly a commuter campus.

With the TWU – Houston site being a primarily Master’s and Doctoral level institution, the majority of students are already somewhat “settled” in life, and many live right here in the Houston vicinity. For those individuals coming from greater distances, we have provided a list of housing possibilities in the near vicinity of the Texas Medical Center. These may prove to be useful as a starting point in your search for residence as you make your way through an academic program at TWU. 

Current Apartment Listings

Short Term Housing

Thoughts about Transportation

As you explore housing possibilities, please keep in mind how you will get to and from campus. It may be important to identify housing on a bus line or near the light rail. If riding a bicycle is your preferred mode of transportation, you may want to look closely at the streets you would use to get to campus, and determine for yourself how “bicycle friendly” they appear to be. Many of you will want to use your personal vehicle to make your way to and from campus. Again, choose wisely in a residence either inside or outside the Loop (610), estimating well the travel time and traffic conditions for your daily commute. Be mindful that going to and from the Medical Center will be costly - either in time and/or dollars. It is a necessary item to place in your financial planner when preparing your education budget for the year. For further details on transportation possibilities, please reference Parking and Transportation.   

Searching for a Roommate?

We wish you the best of luck in your housing search. If you are interested in locating a roommate, please contact Deborah Unruh at the Office of Student Life by calling 713-794-2157. There is a running list kept off-line of those individuals seeking a roommate. For confidentiality purposes, it is preferred not to communicate that list here on the web page.

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