Submitting and Viewing Immunization Records

Welcome to TWU Student Health Services Online Student Health (OSH) where you have 24 hour access to submit and view immunization records.

Submitting & accessing immunizations

  1. Access the log-in page of OSH with your Pioneer Portal username and password at You must have a TWU Pioneer Portal account AND be a currently enrolled student to access Online Student Health.
  2. You will see both an Immunizations and Upload tab. BOTH sections MUST be completed:
  3. Select Immunizations from the menu bar to enter dates and submit your immunization history:

    To view/print your immunization records on file:
    Select Print History

    To enter records and the dates an immunization was given/administered:
    Select the Immunization Entry section

    NOTES: (For Titer or lab work you should enter the date the results were reported.  For TB screening you should submit the date the TB screening was read.)

    After ALL your records are entered, hit Submit
  4. Select the “Upload” tab where you MUST import copies of your immunization records AND Demographic form.  

    Demographic forms can be found on the Immunization Compliance site. Document Upload is ONLY available for immunization related documents. Please do NOT use this for any other documentation.

Instructions for uploading documents

  1. Scan or take a clear picture of the document to obtain an electronic file. Only images (.gif, .png, .tiff, .tif, .jpg, .jpeg) and documents (.pdf, .txt) are allowed. File sizes should be as small as possible (under 4mb) while still ensuring legibility. Scanning in black and white at 150 DPI is commonly used for best results. Be sure your file names do NOT include any special characters, or the file will not upload.
  2. Choose document you are uploading: Demographic Forms or Immunization Records
  3. Choose Select File to browse out for your file.
  4. Select Upload
  5. Your document will then be listed in the Documents Already on File section below.

Please remember that you must both complete both the “Immunizations” and “Upload” portion to complete the process.

Page last updated 3:50 PM, March 8, 2024