International Students

Tuberculosis screening requirements

The Texas Woman’s University policy regarding tuberculosis screening and case management reflects the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of the United States Department of Health and Human Services and the American College Health Association (ACHA).

All new international, newly transferred international students, and those considered to be International by TAC §21.25(c) (formerly, HB 1403) or TEC 54.052 who were born in, resided in, or traveled to a country other than the United States, are required to have completed the screening process for tuberculosis (TB Blood testing only) prior to registering for class.  Students must complete the TB Screening Form and submit all required documentation. 

Students who are noncompliant with this policy will be blocked from registration and class attendance until they come into compliance.

Tuberculosis Clearance Statement — only required for students with positive TB Blood test results or history of TB treatment  

Please review the Tuberculosis Policy.

Mandatory insurance requirements

Government regulations and University policy require that every International student with an F1 or J1 status visa maintains continuous health insurance with minimum provisions of coverage. International students are required to participate in the University sponsored insurance program during the entire time they are in the United States. The anticipated cost of coverage will be approximately $2200 annually. This amount will be divided and paid over the Fall and Spring semesters.

Continuous coverage requirements

All F1 and J1 status students at Texas Woman’s University must maintain adequate health insurance coverage continuously during TWU residence. TWU residence is defined as that continuous period from initial orientation and enrollment through graduation or final separation from the University. This time period also includes all holidays, breaks, and summer sessions when the student may not be enrolled in classes but is in the US and remains on a University I-20.

Enrollment in the University sponsored insurance Plan ensures that continuous coverage requirements are met.

Request for exception from foreign student insurance charges

The following students may be eligible to receive an exception to the mandated FSI policy:

  • Students who maintain insurance coverage through a US employer.
  • Students who have coverage with and are sponsored by their government.
  • Students on spouse’s or parent’s group insurance plan through a US employer.
  • Students graduating or leaving the country for the entire summer (must submit request by 12th class day of Spring semester).

If you qualify for one of these exceptions, please complete the TWU Student Health Insurance Waiver process by specified deadline. Complete instructions for the Request for Exception/Waiver process can be found at TWU Student Health Insurance Waiver. Students may not purchase health insurance to replace the Student Health Insurance Plan.

Student responsibility for exception request and important deadlines

  • 12th class day for Fall or Spring semesters
  • 4th class day for Summer

Exceptions and Refunds will not be granted after specified deadline date. It is your responsibility to turn in a request form EACH semester. Otherwise the charges for the University sponsored insurance Plan will remain on your student account.

Special requirements for students with J-1 visa ONLY

In addition to the mandatory insurance requirement for all TWU International students as described above, medical insurance coverage is also mandatory for the accompanying spouse and children of J-1 visa holders, under regulations of the United States Information Agency. Failure to meet this requirement will result in the termination of the their J-1 visa status.

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