Inclusive Pedagogy

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“As educators, we have the opportunity to draw from and balance cultural strengths originating in highly differentiated cultural frameworks.” (Chávez & Longerbeam, 2016, p. 3)

What is inclusive pedagogy?

  • Student-centered
  • Engagement in meaningful and relevant learning
  • Celebrates diverse perspectives
  • Reflective and monitor of classroom climate

What is an assets-based approach?

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  • Focuses on unique experiences and skills each student brings to the classroom
  • Views student differences as assets, not deficits

Examples of cultural assets

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  • Maintaining hopes and dreams (aspirational capital)
  • Networks and community resources (social capital)
  • Socialization from family (familial capital)
  • Intellectual/social skills in multiple languages (linguistic capital)
  • Skills in navigating social institutions (navigational capital)
  • Knowledge and skills in challenging inequities (resistant capital)

Tell counter stories

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  • Share examples of culturally relevant narratives
  • How can they empower students to reflect on their own cultural assets?

Celebrate cultural wealth

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  • Instead of (or in addition to) a privilege walk, consider a Cultural Wealth Walk!
  • Help your students recognize their assets

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