Student Responsibilities

SLRC rules

The following rules apply to ANY and ALL persons utilizing ANY of the SLRC facilities:

  1. All students must sign in upon entering the SLRC. Sign-in includes name and purpose for the visit (computer homework, kits, etc).
  2. No food or drink is allowed in the SLRC equipment or study rooms. All containers, empty or not, must be kept closed and out of sight while the student is in the SLRC.
  3. Computers are for chemistry and biology homework only. Checking email or surfing the web is NOT allowed.
  4. With the exception of physics video tapes, all materials are to be obtained by the SLRC attendant, not the student.
  5. Students checking out tests, physics homework, or reserved materials must leave their student ID card with the SLRC attendant while copying or reviewing the material. Only one item may be checked out at a time. The student has 15 minutes to copy the material and return it to the attendant. The attendant will then return the student's ID. If the student checks out an item for review on premises, he/she must allow other students wishing to copy the material access to it upon request.
  6. Rewind all audio and video tapes and turn off all equipment upon completing the program.
  7. Return all SLRC materials to the attendant.
  8. Leave the work area in clean and orderly condition.
  9. Sign out when leaving the SLRC.
  10. Should a problem arise with a piece of equipment, the student is to notify the SLRC attendant immediately. Students should not attempt to repair the equipment themselves.

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