TWU students and prospective students interested in pursuing military careers can explore options available through Army ROTC and Air Force ROTC. Army ROTC has a physical presence on the TWU Denton campus and is hosted through a partnership with the University of North Texas and the University of Texas-Arlington. 

Army ROTC Program at TWU

Army ROTC Cadets are regular students just like everyone else on campus. They take a regular schedule of classes and have an academic major. Once a week they meet as a group for leadership laboratory, along with their regular ROTC academic class instruction. During lab, Cadets wear the Army uniform and conduct military and leadership training. Students can take ROTC as an elective course or pursue the entire program, which culminates in a commission as a Second Lieutenant, an Army Officer.

Army ROTC is a college elective for undergraduate and graduate students that provides unrivaled leadership training for success in any career field.  If you have a passion for it, you can find a place to fit in the Army as an officer and get the training you need to turn that passion into a career.

Whether you’re in high school, college or already in the Army, you can become an officer in today’s Army by joining ROTC. 

Army ROTC is an equal opportunity program. We welcome all full-time students to try out the program and participate in our many activities. All qualified students have the chance to pursue an officer's commission, regardless of gender, race or religion. ROTC promotes a physically fit lifestyle and provides a drug-free environment.

Air Force ROTC Program (through UNT)

Air Force ROTC  does not have a physical presence on the TWU campus, but TWU students may participate in the University of North Texas (UNT) Air Force ROTC program. Air Force ROTC prepares students for a career as an Air Force officer. Active-duty and reserve Air Force personnel provide all classroom instruction and program administration. Students register for courses through TWU and classes meet at the UNT campus in Denton. Students interested in enrolling in Aerospace Studies courses should first contact the UNT Air Force ROTC program

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