What the waitlist is and why it exists:

Certain class sections that are full may give students the opportunity to waitlist that class section. It affords students equal opportunity to sign up on the waitlist for the possibility of gaining entrance into a full course.

The implementation of a waitlist on a course is at the discretion of the department.

Waitlist priority is based first on class level (seniors receive priority over juniors, juniors receive priority over sophomores, etc.), second on if the course is required on the student’s current degree plan, and then lastly by order in which students selected the waitlist option. Please note that due to these priority levels, a student may find that their place on the waitlist changes if upper-level students and students with the course required on their degree plan (vs. a student whose current degree plan doesn’t require the course) are later added to the waitlist.

How the waitlist works:

If a space becomes available in a course section that has a waitlist implemented, the first student on the waitlist will be notified via their TWU email. The student will have just 24 hours from the time the email is sent (not when it was opened) to register for the course. *It is very important to check your TWU email frequently. If you miss your 24 hour time period to register for a waitlisted course, the permission will expire.

If the student does not register within that 24 hour period, their permission will expire and the opportunity to register will pass to the next student on the waitlist. The student who did not register during their permission period may elect to be put back on the waitlist, but will go to the bottom of the list.

If the student that is first on the waitlist does register for their waitlisted course during the 24 period, then the next time a seat opens in the course the next person on the waitlist will be notified in the same manner.

Helpful information:

  • Students are strongly urged to check their TWU email frequently.
  • Students can manage their waitlisted courses through Web Advisor.
  • Be advised that waitlisted courses do not count as registered courses.
  • Students who want to register for a closed class section are urged to register for another section to avoid being shut out of the course entirely, particularly if one’s financial aid award is dependent upon full-time enrollment.

Page last updated 4:54 PM, December 3, 2019