Statistics Consultations

Students enrolled in the following courses are eligible for tutoring and consultation in understanding a wide range of statistical concepts and techniques. In addition, weekly online review sessions are offered for students in PSY 2303 in the fall and spring semesters.

  • Applied Statistics (PSY 2303)
  • Advanced Psychological Statistics I (PSY 5304)
  • Advanced Psychological Statistics II (PSY 6204)

For students who are completing research projects in the following courses, or who are enrolled in any other applicable courses, consultation on any aspect of data analysis related to their projects is available.

  • Experimental Psychology (PSY 3354)
  • Research Design (PSY 5353)
  • Cognitive Psychology (PSY 4103)

Appointments are offered face-to-face or virtually through Blackboard Collaborate. Enrolled students wishing to seek statistics tutoring and/or consultative services may complete the Stats Tutoring Request Form and submit to the statistics consultant via email.

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