Internship Match Imbalance

All APA-accredited applied psychology programs require a full-time, year-long internship at the end of their training programs and TWU doctoral students in psychology participate in this training process. Internship positions are national and competitive and you should know that there is an internship imbalance, meaning that there are more students applying for internships than there are slots available. Furthermore, internship positions are not under the control of the core faculty in the  psychology program, or of TWU as an institution. While we will do everything in our power to prepare you to be maximally competitive in the internship match process, you should be informed that we cannot guarantee you an internship position. Our internship match rates are posted on our website, as required by APA accreditation standards. All APA-accredited programs post this information so that you may compare programs and make informed choices about whether or not you wish to pursue this program. The training community is making sustained efforts to eliminate this imbalance, and the imbalance has decreased every year in the last 5 years. However, the match imbalance remains a reality for the foreseeable future. Though the vast majority of our students have been successful in securing an internship, you should make your decision about accepting an offer of doctoral admission with the understanding that there is some risk of delayed time to graduation, or in the worst case, an incomplete degree and no possibility for licensure, should an internship position not be obtained.

Page last updated 3:43 PM, June 9, 2023