Bachelor of Science in Music Therapy Degree

Music therapy begins with the relationship between a patient and a music therapist. As a student in our music therapy program, you will learn to use music to achieve therapeutic outcomes, such as helping patients deal with disease, trauma, anxiety or pain. Music therapists often work to improve speech, social or coping skills; aid in physical rehabilitation; or even help people find meaning in the experience of creating or listening to music.

Our bachelor of science in music therapy degree program will provide you with both clinical and research study experience, and our curriculum includes courses in basic music, psychology, special education and biology.

TWU alumnus and music therapist Chad Harmon joins Baylor

Why TWU?

  • Our music therapy program is the oldest ongoing program in Texas and one of the first in the nation. TWU is one of only 5 universities in Texas offering music therapy degrees, and we are approved by the American Music Therapy Association.
  • We provide both academic and clinical training, with a focus on experiential, hands-on learning through extensive practicum and internship experience. Students of our music therapy program have worked in local children’s theaters, community centers, hospitals and schools.
  • Our Student Association for Music Therapy provides educational and social opportunities for you to develop music therapy skills and friendships outside of the traditional classroom setting.
  • Our small class sizes will allow you to reflect on and process your training, enhancing the quality of your practice and fostering the growth of your character.
  • Many of our former students have established successful clinics of their own, and they often hire current TWU music therapy students and interns.
  • We welcome new and auditioning students as well as students from other disciplines.

Meet Our Alumni

TWU music therapy alumna Marisa de Leon opened her own business, RGV Music Therapy and Wellness Center, and is changing lives with music. Read her story.

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