Graduate Assistantships

The TWU Division of Music is fortunate to have several graduate assistantships that support both the music major and general education instructional programs. Typically, we have 9 to 11 assistantships, and approximately half are awarded to new students each year. In the division of music, we offer both graduate teaching assistantships and graduate assistantships.

Graduate Teaching Assistants

Graduate teaching assistants (GTAs) are the teachers of 11 record for the courses to which they are assigned. GTAs must have at least 18 semester credit hours of graduate work.

Graduate Assistants

Graduate assistantships in the division of music provide you with a wide range of professional experiences, including a unique opportunity to learn about music and teaching in higher education. Graduate assistantships are very competitive and there are always more qualified and deserving students than there are positions. Prospective graduate students who are seeking graduate assistantships should apply no later than March 1st. You must complete the Graduate Teaching Assistant Application and email it to Pamela Youngblood, DMA, at In addition to the application, each applicant must submit a brief cover letter to Pamela Youngblood, DMA, which includes the answers to the following questions, in any order:

  1. Why are you seeking a graduate assistantship?
  2. What is your ultimate career goal?
  3. What strengths and/or skills do you bring to the position of graduate assistant? (You are not limited to music statements only here.)
  4. Why did you choose to attend TWU for your graduate study?


For more information about graduate assistantships, including stipends and benefits, please visit the TWU Graduate School website.

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