Choir Auditions

How to Audition

All are welcome to audition regardless of major. We will audition in stages to accommodate health and safety standards.

  • 1st Round: Virtual – starting now - Due August 15 
  • 2nd Round: In-Person or Synchronous Virtual the week before the semester begins. Please arrange to be on campus during the week before your first day of classes. This will be changed to virtual synchronous if needed.
  • 3rd Round: Call-backs in small groups during the first two days of classes (only if necessary)

Step 1: Prepare for Your Audition

Choir auditions should be sung in the classical style. 

  1. Video yourself singing a SOLO SONG with accompaniment. The classical style is preferred, but you may prepare a folk or sacred song in a simple style. Pop, gospel, country, R&B, and other popular styles are not appropriate for this choral placement process. You may use one of the provided pieces (part 2) if needed. We are listening for consistent, clean, beautiful, and healthy tone across range and dynamics. Upload to Youtube.
  2. Video yourself singing a HARMONY PART(Alto, Tenor, Bass) of one of the songs listed below (one verse only). A PDF of the music is provided. Sing the alto, tenor, or bass part exactly as written on the PDF (DO NOT reharmonize, sing a different arrangement, or embellish the part) Use the accompaniment track provided. You may use the lyrics, solfege, or a nonsense syllable. There will be a short introduction, then you will begin. We are listening for accuracy, independence, and good intonation. Upload to Youtube.
  3. Video yourself singing through the VOCALISES. Pick your range and sing along. These are meant to explore your lowest and highest notes. Stop singing when you cannot reach the pitches well. Upload to Youtube.

Audition Songs

Sheet Music



Step 2: Submit Your Audition

Once your 3 videos are completed, you will submit them via this form.

Step 3: Check Your Email

After submitting your audition, you will be notified of your next step via email. Please check back regularly. Here are the most likely possibilities.

  1. Assigned to a choir – if so, follow the instructions indicated in the email.
  2. Invited to a 2nd round audition – sign up as instructed in the email.

TWU Choir during the Pandemic

The TWU Choral area is fully committed to staying true to the choral art in this time by working towards performing together in the future. We will thrive on this hopeful perspective, but are working very hard to ensure the safety of our students and staff. Our plan is outlined below.


  • Chamber Singers: Flexible ensemble. SATB and SSA elements depending on numbers and needs
  • Concert Choir: Auditioned SSAA choir
  • University Chorus: Virtual Ensemble Seminar – an online, mostly asynchronous class with final performance project


  • 1stRound Virtual
  • 2ndRound Synchronous or in-person (week before class begins)
  • 3rdRound Call-back (if needed)
    • Sing with small group during first couple days of class


  • Meet in smaller groups on assigned days
  • Other class members will sing along virtually, or with asynchronous recording
  • Utilize asynchronous rehearsal and practice assignments
  • When deemed safe by the university - we rehearse in larger groups
  • If deemed necessary will rehearse all online

Safety measures

  • Smaller groups Singing in masks
  • Social distancing (minimum 10 ft.)
  • Sanitation supplies available (hands)
  • Cleaning floor and high contact areas between classes
  • Large rehearsal room: Brackenridge 207
  • HVAC air replacement rate: 2-3 times/hour
  • Shorter rehearsals (30 minutes max) with a 30-minute room downtime


  • Recorded performance using current safety measures
  • If all Virtual: organize smaller groups to do virtual performances (recorded and synced)
  • If small groups: groups will record separately if needed and be mixed in editing
  • If larger groups: Record together in a safe space
  • All recordings will be distributed through the department to the public in a digital format
  • Possible outdoor performance if deemed safe

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