For Faculty & Staff

Program objectives

  • 85% of program participants served during the project year will have completed appropriate research or scholarly activities during the program’s academic year
  • 40% of program bachelor’s degree recipients will be accepted and enrolled in a postbaccalaureate program of study by the fall term of the academic year
  • 50% of first year graduate students will continue to be enrolled in graduate school at the beginning of the fall term of the next academic year
  • 15% of program participants served will attain a doctoral degree within ten (10) years of attaining a bachelor’s degree

Measured standards are both ambitious and attainable as defined by the McNair Scholars grant

Faculty mentor

Faculty mentorship is an important aspect of the McNair Scholars Program. Faculty Mentors are asked to commit their time, expertise, and have a willingness to guide McNair Scholars through the completion of a research project. Faculty Mentors are also asked to provide guidance and support to McNair Scholars throughout the duration of their undergraduate degree by successfully guiding scholars into a graduate program. Because McNair Scholars is for undergraduate students seeking a PhD, Faculty Mentors must possess a PhD.

The McNair Scholars program is currently seeking faculty mentors.

If you are interested in working with a McNair Scholar please complete the following form:

Faculty/Staff referral

At any point in the semester, faculty and staff are invited to refer undergraduate students for McNair Scholars staff to contact. If you know a student who is interested in research and interested in earning a PhD, please fill out the Faculty/Staff Referral Form.

If you have any questions about the faculty/staff referral, please contact the McNair Scholars Program.

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