WASP Class 44-W-2

Dates: September 6, 1943-March 11, 1944

Number of Trainees: 109 trainees, 49 graduates

Place: Gymnasium, Avenger Field, Sweetwater, Texas

Graduation Speaker: General H. H. Arnold, Commanding General, AAF

Master of Ceremonies: Captain N. O. Monserud, Commanding Officer, Station Hospital 318th AAFFTD, Avenger Field, Sweetwater, Texas

Distinguished Guests: 

  • Lieutenant General Barton K. Yount, Commanding General, AAF Training Command
  • Jacqueline Cochran, Director of Women Pilots, AAF
  • Major General H. L. George, Commanding General Air Transport Command
  • Major General H. A. Craig, Ass’t Chief of Air Staff, Operations, Commitments and Assignments, AAF
  • Major General M. Fairchild, Secretary Combined Chiefs of Staff
  • Brigadier General Isiah Davies, Commanding General, Central Flying Flying Training Command.
  • Brigadier General Charles Glenn, Flight Surgeon AAF Training Command
  • Nancy Harkness Love, WASP Executive, Air Transport Command Ferrying Division

Special Awards: WAF Barbara Erickson awarded the Air Medal by General Arnold in recognition of outstanding service

Band: Big Springs Bombardier School Band

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Anderson, Kathryn R. 
Anderson, Olga 
Bell, Rena Lourette 
Bloomfield, Maralee M. Laufman 
Burnside, Phyllis G. 
Callahan, Ruth M. 
Christian, Jeanne C. 
Church, Patricia E. 
Clark Joan, M. 
Cohen, Sylvia 
Combs, Margaret K. 
Coonley, Eleanor K. 
Cutler, Lois C. 
Del Giorno, Velma G. Baumann 
Drew, Barbara Ray 
Eichenwald, Doris R. Friedman 
Fisher, Frances L. 
Forbes, Ina L. Story 
Fries, Lorraine D. 
Green, Gale R.
Handerson, Lyle R. 
Hicks, Mary L. Barnes 
Hoffman, Virginia M. 
Hollander, Frances E. 
Jacoby, Dahlia L. 
Keefer, Virginia Flugel 
Lamar, Sally Jane 
Lambert, Marian E. 
Lanzdorf, Bette R.
Masonhall, Wynema 
Mathis, Mary Grace 
Mendes, Charlotte L. 
Merrylees, Elizabeth C. 
Miner, Ruth Minnie 
Outerson, Eleanor V. 
Patten, Elizabeth M. 
Peters, Elinor, M. 
Price, Elizabeth 
Purdue, Alice Rose 
Ransbottom, Rosemary W. 
Renn, Mary Ruth
Roberts, Agnes I. 
Rosso, Kathyryn E. 
Sauerbert, Kathryn E. 
Schramm, Shirley C. 
Shultz, Jennie E. 
Sinnett, Elise 
Skogsberg, Eleanore E. 
Smith, Helen E. 
Snelling, Janet M. 
Stair, Alice E. 
Stevens, Lola M. 
Stine, Betty Pauline 
Thomas, Dorothy E. 
Thomas Myrtle 
Voyles, Virginia P. 
Walsh, Mary L. Wentling 
White, Carol J. 
White, Mary V. 
Willis, Mary K. 
Wise, Jeanne M.