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Gretchen Busl: "Is fluency the goal of language learning?" for The Hill

"Language departments are often the first cut in a budget crisis, and many universities have lowered or even eliminated foreign language requirements," writes Associate Professor Gretchen Busl, PhD, in an op-ed for The Hill. "Nonetheless, some states are working to encourage students to learn languages at the high school level."

Agatha Beins: "Police body cameras will not change the culture of racism in America" for Quartz

"Politicians and police departments have turned toward the body camera to improve relations between police officers and the communities they serve and to lessen violence perpetrated by—and we hope against—police officers," Associate Professor Agatha Beins, PhD, writes in an op-ed for Quartz. "But it will take more than body cameras, police dashboard cameras, and cameras installed in public places to make people feel safer. Increasing surveillance is not enough."

Agatha Beins: "Traffic patterns in this community showcase the urgency of making a safe way for cyclists to share the road" for HuffPost

"After living in New Jersey for six years, I love the slower pace of Denton and the way drivers tend to be respectful and courteous," Associate Professor Agatha Beins, PhD, writes in her HuffPost op-ed. "They pass slowly, giving a wide berth. However, when I get to work, the scene is not so nice."

Gretchen Busl: "We need female visions of the world: Try these 5" for Women's eNews

"For a month celebrating both literacy and women’s history, treat yourself to great reading from Lebanon’s Hanan al-Shaykh, Nigeria’s Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Zimbabwe’s Tsitsi Dangarembga, Algeria’s Assia Djebar and Iran’s Azar Nafisi," writes Associate Professor Gretchen Busl, PhD, in an op-ed co-authored with Por Alison Bowen.

Claire Sahlin: "Vatican orthodoxy does not represent all American Catholics" for The Guardian

"Like other conservative religious institutions, the Roman Catholic Church not only forbids the use of contraception and seeks to outlaw access to abortion, but also denies women's right to become priests and to preach from the pulpit," Associate Dean Claire Sahlin, PhD, writes in an op-ed for The Guardian. "These restrictions, coupled with the condemnation of same-sex relationships, have naturally and rightfully led increasing numbers to abandon the church."