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Jackie Hoermann-Elliott: "Writing to Live" for Fort Worth Weekly

"In college writing classes, it’s not uncommon to read essays interrogating psychological disorders, misogyny, racism, and the deleterious effects of homophobia that have impacted students’ lives," writes Jackie Hoermann-Elliott, PhD, in an op-ed for Fort Worth Weekly. "What is novel is the upward trending interest in writing about personal traumas brought on by the pandemic."

Danielle Phillips-Cunningham: "The long history of Black women organizing in Georgia might decide Senate control" for The Washington Post

"With Georgia narrowly supporting the Democratic presidential candidate for the first time since 1992, there has been no shortage of well-deserved stories about Black women’s influence on the state flipping," writes Danielle Phillips-Cunningham, PhD, Program Lead of Multicultural Women’s and Gender Studies, in an op-ed for The Washington Post. "This is not surprising. Stacey Abrams, LaTosha Brown, Errin Haines, Keisha Lance Bottoms and others have worked tirelessly to ensure that the voices of African Americans and other historically marginalized people in the state are heard. Their work was instrumental in securing Joe Biden’s win and forcing a U.S. Senate runoff in the state."

Jackie Hoermann-Elliott: "Woman. Mother. Ph.D.?" for Fort Worth Weekly

"In May, I earned my doctorate from Texas Christian University. In June, a media firestorm was unleashed on the subject of women earning doctorates," writes Jackie Hoermann-Elliott, PhD, in an op-ed for Fort Worth Weekly. "Last week, British cultural historian and columnist Dr. Fern Riddell set the Twitterverse aflame with her cheeky hashtag #ImmodestWomen, seeking a conversation among British and North American professors about Western culture’s resistance to seeing female scholars as equal intellectual partners."

Jackie Hoermann-Elliott: "Documenting school rights" for Fort Worth Weekly

"At a public lecture in February at TCU, Huckaby stood in front of dozens of Fort Worthians and wove together an intricate, tapestry-like narrative of her public education research, intentionally complicated by her philosophical stances as a black feminist, a budding documentarian, and an advocate of participatory democracy," writes Jackie Hoermann-Elliott, PhD, in a profile of professor and activist Mayme Francyne Huckaby for Fort Worth Weekly.

Gretchen Busl: "Humanities research is groundbreaking, life-changing… and ignored" for The Guardian

"Most arguments for 'saving' the humanities focus on the fact that employers prize the critical thinking and communication skills that undergraduate students develop. Although that may be true, such arguments highlight the value of classroom study, not the value of research," writes Associate Professor Gretchen Busl, PhD, in an op-ed for The Guardian. "But humanities research teaches us about the world beyond the classroom, and beyond a job."