Sue S. Bancroft Women’s Leadership Hall

The Sue S. Bancroft Women’s Leadership Hall is an interactive history exhibit that showcases the contributions and leadership legacy of Texas women in politics and public policy. It is one of the first such exhibits in Texas and among the first in the U.S. It is set to open to the public in Spring 2022, pending COVID-19 restrictions.

Created to teach students about accomplished women leaders and inspire them to become leaders themselves, the exhibit includes:

Pioneering Women

Learn about 12 Texas women from diverse backgrounds who discovered their passions and channeled their courage and Texas grit to make a lasting impact on politics and public policy.

The Election of 2018: Women Make History

The 2018 mid-term election saw an unprecedented number of U. S. women running for office.  Discover the women who made the 2018 midterm election significant in Texas and engage with data collected by the Lone Star Parity Project about the 2018 and 2020 election cycles. Encounter the stories of history-making women from across the State with our interactive Texas Counties map.

Civics Center

Play Counties Work: Texas in the Civics Learning Center to try your hand at running a Texas County municipality, designed in partnership with iCivics.

Minnie Fisher Cunningham: Texas Suffragist

Explore the story of Women’s suffrage through the lens of Minnie Fisher Cunningham, a leader in the Texas Suffrage Movement. Learn why suffrage was a victory for most but not all women, and how the suffrage movement continues today. 

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