Health Care Administration

The Department of Health Care Administration offers three graduate degrees, including a new dual MBA and MHA option that leads to two degrees, Master of Business Administration and Master of Healthcare Administration.

New Offerings

To address business industry trends, we are excited to announce:

  • A new dual MBA and MHA option that leads to two degrees, Master of Business Administration and Master of Healthcare Administration
  • Expansion of our graduate-level Health Care Administration program to include both Houston and Dallas

MHA Mission, Vision and Values


The TWU Health Care Administration program will provide graduate level preparation primarily for working adults from the Houston and Dallas, Texas, area in order to prepare them for entry level and middle management positions in hospitals, medical practices and related health care organizations.

  • Faculty will undertake and integrate current research and knowledge to ensure that graduates have the ability to translate theory and research into effective practice and application.

  • The Program goals, curriculum and scholarly/service activities will be responsive to the needs of our major regional stakeholders.

  • Finally, TWU-HCA graduates will be provided with the knowledge and resources to lead their organizations, serve their communities, improve the quality of care and promote health status as socially accountable citizens.


To contribute to improving the operating efficiency and effectiveness of our regional health care organizations by providing the highest quality educational opportunities to adult (primarily part-time) learners who aspire to a career in the myriad of institutions that compose the health care industry and by conducting practice-oriented applied research and service to our community.


Even in the face of turbulent change, the health services industry must remember its unique history and position in the country. Our graduates will value the health services industry history as they fulfill positions of leadership in the myriad organizations that comprise the industry, and they will understand the vital social roles they assume when they make the choice of a career in health care administration. The Program in Health Care Administration will have prepared its graduates to analyze and solve difficult problems, and to formulate and implement socially responsible and ethical decisions, while encouraging habits of life-long learning in our students and for ourselves.

CAHME Accreditation

TWU's Accreditation Status by CAHME: Accredited with probation. Action plan in place.

CAHME Student Outcome Measures

View TWU current student outcome measures for the MHA Residential Track.

Nimishakumari Ahir de Ahir

“I feel like TWU has prepared me to be innovative and see things from different angles, and I also enjoyed taking classes with diverse groups of students and learning from broad and different perspectives. I feel prepared to make changes in the administrative process to make the flow of work better and more enjoyable.”

Nimishakumari Ahir de Ahir (MBA and MHA, 2021)

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