GO Program

GO Program History

The TWU Go Program, also known as the Work-Study Mentorship Program, is an initiative funded by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and administered by the Center for First-Generation Students. Its main objective is to improve and increase students' access, success, and completion of higher education while providing mentors with opportunities to gain and strengthen future career readiness skills. 

The program supports college and high school students through mentorship, tutoring, and advising. Over the past two decades, the TWU Go Program has forged strong partnerships across the North Texas region, promoting higher education awareness and accessibility to economically disadvantaged and first-generation students. 

Currently, the Go Program has Go Centers located in 19 high schools across 11 school districts and a Mobile Go Center that serves as a bridge, reaching out to communities within a 100-mile radius of the campus.

The TWU Go Program supports first-generation students in achieving their academic and career goals. By providing access to valuable resources, mentorship, and guidance, the program continues to help countless students overcome barriers and realize their full potential.

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