Discretionary Gift Strings


The Discretionary Gift strings are funded with private donations awarded to benefit the mission of Texas Woman’s University, specifically the colleges, departments, or programs identified. These strings are structured as follows: 119.33500.xxxxx.xxxxx.xxx.00000xxxxx or 119.66000.xxxxx.xxxxx.xxx.00000xxxxx.

New Discretionary Gift Accounts

New Discretionary Gift strings will be initiated through the Office of University Advancement. Please contact their office to submit a request.

Receipt of Discretionary Gift Funds

Discretionary Gift funds received must be sent to the Office of University Advancement for accounting and stewardship purposes using the Discretionary Gift string transmittal form.


The department approver is responsible for prudent use of these funds. Department approvers are expected to exercise careful judgment to determine the reasonableness of each expenditure from these funds weighed against the benefits received.


The funding of these strings relies solely on donations from private sources. No Interdepartmental Transfers (IDT) will be made to transfer funds into Discretionary Gift strings. Balances are carried forward from year to year. The Office of University Advancement will manage all fundraising appeals and/or solicitations benefiting Discretionary Gift strings to ensure appropriate guidelines are followed.


Expenditures from Discretionary Gift strings must be documented and processed in accordance with TWU’s Payment and Procurement policies. All pertinent records related to the receipt and disbursement of these funds shall be maintained in accordance with University regulations.

The guidelines for spending authority are contained in the table below.

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Category Transaction Type Guidelines
Alcohol Alcoholic Beverages for Guests Permitted in accordance with gift agreement guidelines
Advertising Media, periodicals Permitted
Awards Employee/Student Awards Permitted
Building Maintenance, repairs Permitted
Cards Holiday/Greeting Cards Permitted
Computer Equipment Hardware, supplies, software, maintenance Permitted
Contracted Services Guest Lecturers, Speakers, Temporary Agencies Permitted
Contributions Donations, Purchase of tables, sponsorships Not Permitted (see guidelines for Discretionary Strings)
Copiers Rentals, purchases, maintenance Permitted
Memberships & Dues Institutional/Individual Permitted (see URP 04.330)
Equipment Expensed & Capitalized Permitted
Fees Registration, Inspection, Usage, Conferences Permitted
Food & Refreshments Meals, snacks, receptions Permitted (see Food Purchase Justification Form)
Flowers Congratulatory or Condolences or Illness Permitted
Furniture Desks, Chairs, Lab, Shelves Permitted
Gifts Employees, donors, students, guests Permitted (Excluding cash and/or cash equivalents)
Gift Cards Any type - Visa, Starbucks, Walmart, etc. Not Permitted
Gratuities Tips or Gratuities Permitted
Printing Services Permitted (see URP 01.410)
Professional Services Non-employee Permitted (see Special Procurements)
Promotional Items t-shirts, cups, flash drives Permitted
Supplies Office, Janitorial Permitted
Telecommunications Services, equipment, supplies Permitted
Registration Fees Employees/Students Permitted
Travel Employee, Prospective Employee, Students Permitted (see University Travel)
Uniforms TWU Staff Permitted
Scholarships   Not Permitted

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