Mia Sanchez

Administrative Assistant

Mia Sanchez
Mia Sanchez is administrative assistant in TWU's Dance Division. Originally from the Rio Grande Valley in South Texas, Sanchez has moved around the state to continue her education.

She earned a BA in psychology from St. Mary’s University in San Antonio. While there, Sanchez specialized in “Community Needs Assessments,” where she analyzed data about the community and identified its issues, then worked alongside its members to provide solutions for those problems. This experience inspired her to solve the issues she observed in her native area while also utilizing her background in psychology. This brought Sanchez to TWU as a graduate student in the MS Marriage and Family Therapy program. "In the Rio Grande Valley, mental health is a topic that is overlooked and is still stigmatized in the community. I hope to provide counseling to individuals, families, and couples as a certified therapist. I intend to cater my services to the unique needs of RGV members by opening a private practice in the area." 

Sanchez played the flute for 10 years and still enjoys playing in her free time. She is an intermediate speaker of Portuguese and continues to be an active learner, and is fascinated with videos on paleontology, despite being terrible at pronouncing the animals’ scientific names.

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