Omar Darwish, D.Sc.

Assistant Professor, TWU Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

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Office: MCL 414
Phone: (940) 898-2157

Courses Taught

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Research Interests

  • Analysis of high high-throughput sequencing
  • Genome assembly, structural and functional annotation.
  • Design/Development of biological database driven websites.

Published Intellectual Contributions

Refereed Journal Articles

  • Omar Darwish, Li, Shuxian, Nadim W. Alkharouf, Bryan Musungu, and Benjamin F. Matthews. "Analysis of the genome sequence of Phomopsis longicolla: a fungal pathogen causing Phomopsis seed decay in soybean." BMC genomics 18, no. 1 (2017): 688.
  • Hawkins, Charles, Julie Caruana, Jiaming Li, Chris Zawora, Omar Darwish, Jun Wu, Nadim Alkharouf, and Zhongchi Liu. "An eFP browser for visualizing strawberry fruit and flower transcriptomes." Horticulture Research 4 (2017): 17029.
  • Omar Darwish, Shuxian Li, Zane May, Benjamin Matthews, and Nadim W. Alkharouf. "A searchable database for the genome of Phomopsis longicolla (isolate MSPL 10-6)." Bioinformation 12, no. 4 (2016): 233-236.
  • Omar Darwish, Li, S., Matthews, B., & Alkharouf, N. (2016). Genome-wide functional annotation of Phomopsis longicolla isolate MSPL 10-6. Genomics Data (2016), 8, 67–69.
  • Li, Shuxian, Omar Darwish, Nadim Alkharouf, Benjamin Matthews, Pingsheng Ji, Leslie L. Domier, Ning Zhang, and Burton H. Bluhm. "Draft genome sequence of Phomopsis longicolla isolate MSPL 10-6." Genomics Data(2015): 55-56.
  • Dilip Lakshman, Daniel P. Roberts, Wesley M. Garrett, Savithiry S. Natarajan, Omar Darwish, Nadim Alkharouf, Arnab Pain. Proteomic Investigation of Rhizoctonia solani AG 4 Identifies Secretome and Mycelial Proteins with roles in Plant Cell Wall Degradation and Virulence. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. DOI: 10.1021/acs.jafc.5b05735
  • Courtney Hollender, Chunying Kang, Omar Darwish, Benjamin Matthews, Nadim Alkharouf, Zhongchi Liu. Floral transcriptomes in woodland strawberry uncover receptacle gene network and a surge of F-box gene expression in meiotic anthers. Plant Physiology (2014).
  • Omar Darwish, Rachel Shahan, Zhongchi Liu, Janet P Slovin, Nadim W Alkharouf. Re-annotation of the woodland strawberry (Fragaria vesca) genome. BMC Genomics, 16:29 (2015)
  • Omar Darwish, L. Jeannine Rowland, and Nadim W. Alkharouf. “BBGD454: A database for transcriptome analysis of blueberry using 454 sequences.” Bioinformation 9, no. 17 (2013): 883.
  • Omar Darwish, Janet P. Slovin, Chunying Kang, Courtney A. Hollender, Aviva Geretz, Sam Houston, Zhongchi Liu, and Nadim W. Alkharouf. “SGR: an online genomic resource for the woodland strawberry.” BMC plant biology 13, no. 1 (2013): 223.
  • Ahmad T. Al-Taani, Sana A. Wedian, and Omar Darwish “Arabic Numerals Checker: Checking Competence between Numbers and Counted Objects in Arabic Language”. Special Issue on Arabic Natural Language Processing (ANLP). International Journal of Computer Processing of Languages (IJCPOL).

Poster Presentations

  • Nadim Alkharouf, Omar Darwish and Lisa Rowland. Transcriptome analysis of Blueberry using 454 EST sequencing. North American Blueberry Research and Extension Workers Conference, July 25-28, 2010.
  • Omar Darwish, Lisa Rowland and Nadim Alkharouf. Transcriptome analysis of Blueberry using 454 EST sequencing. 28th annual meeting of the mid-Atlantic plant molecular biology society (MAPMBS), 2011.
  • Omar Darwish, Lisa Rowland and Nadim Alkharouf. Transcriptome analysis of Blueberry using 454 EST sequencing. TU Student Research and Scholarship Expo, April 21, 2011.
  • Omar Darwish, Janet Slovin, Chunying Kang, Courtney A. Hollender, Aviva Geretz, Sam Houston, Zhongchi Liu and Nadim W. Alkharouf. FveGD: AN Online Resource For Diploid Strawberry (Fragaria Vesca) Genomic Data. 30th annual meeting of the mid-Atlantic plant molecular biology society (MAPMBS), 2013.
  • Omar Darwish, Zhongchi Liu, Janet Slovin and Nadim W. Alkharouf. Reannotation of the Strawberry (Fragaria vesca) Genome. Plant and Animal Genome XXII (PAG), 2014.


Dr. Omar Darwish joined the Mathematics and Computer Science department at Texas Woman’s University (TWU), Denton, Texas in 2018 as an Assistant Professor of Computer Science. He received his B.Sc. in Computer Information Systems from Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST) in 2007. He received his M.Sc. in Computer Science from JUST in 2009. He earned his doctorate degree in Applied Information Technology\Bioinformatics from Towson University in 2014. Dr. Darwish served as a full time lecturer in the department of Computer and Information Sciences at Towson University for four years (2014 – 2018).

Dr. Darwish has been working in the field of bioinformatics for about 9 years. He has worked as a bioinformatician on several NSF and USDA funded projects. He has analyzed transcriptomic data extracted from blueberry, strawberry, soybean and fungal genomes. Dr. Darwish’s experience includes but not limited to: RNA-Seq data quality assurance, filtration, alignments, gene abundance calculations, differential gene expression analysis, genome assembly and genome functional and structural annotation. His research has been published in reputable journals such as Plant Cell, BMC Plant Biology and BMC genomics and others.

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