Chemistry Minor

Add a chemistry or general science minor to your degree plan at TWU.

Are you interested in adding a chemistry or general science minor to your degree? Undergraduate TWU students with a passion for science have two options to choose from:

Chemistry minor

A minor in chemistry requires a minimum of 19 semester credit hours, six of which must be advanced (3000 or 4000 level).  In addition to the courses listed in the undergraduate catalog, an additional 3 credit hours must be taken from the following list:

  • CHEM 3313
  • CHEM 3331 with CHEM 3333
  • CHEM 3411 with CHEM 3413
  • CHEM 3632 with CHEM 3633

General science minor

The minor in general science also requires 18 hours, six of which must be advanced. These hours must be divided among three of the following: chemistry, biology, physics and science courses.  If the major is biology or chemistry, the hours must be divided between two of the remaining three.


To learn more about our undergraduate minors, contact Linda Peebles, PhD, at

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