Cynthia Maguire, MS

Recent Publications

Mirsaleh-Kohan, N. and Maguire, C. 2016. Incorporating Photo-Book of Concepts in Physics and Environmental Chemistry Courses. Science Education and Civic Engagement: An International Journal. Vol 8:2; pp. 41-52.

Robb, J., Rylander, D. and Maguire, C. Building Trans-Disciplinary Sustainability Studies into the College Curriculum. The International Journal of Sustainability Education; Vol. 8; 2013.

Maguire, C., Shepard, L. and Wallis, A.N.  Communicating Your Science in Common Language: Creating Effective Dual Posters. (Chapter 10 in Science Education and Civic Engagement: The Next Level. Richard D. Sheardy and Wm. David Burns, editors. ACS Symposium Series, Vol. 1121.) American Chemical Society, 2012.

Maguire, Cynthia; Jones, Richard; da Rosa, Jennifer; and Sheardy, Richard D. Science, Society and Sustainability (Chapter 13 in Sustainability in the Chemistry Curriculum, Catherine H. Middlecampe and Andrew D. Jorgensen, eds. ACS Symposium Series, Vol. 1087.) American Chemical Society, 2011.

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