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TWU's Lib Guide on Copyright maintained by Amanda Zerangue, Scholarly Communications Librarian.

Foundation for Critical Thinking Logo
Foundation for Critical Thinking​The Center for Critical Thinking and Moral Critique and the Foundation for Critical Thinking seek to promote essential change in education and society through the cultivation of fair-minded critical thinking.

Learning Scientists Blog Logo
The Learning Scientists Blog is an excellent resource for faculty and students. It was created by cognitive psychological scientists who are interested in the science of learning.

National Academies Press Logo
The National Academies Press publishes more than 200 books a year on a wide range of topics. More than 5,000 titles are available in PDF format. All of the PDFs can be downloaded for free by the chapter or the entire book.*

Openstax Logo
OpenStax College provides your students with professional-quality textbooks that are free online and low-cost in print. Our books are peer-reviewed and backed by top-of-the-line supporting materials. And while our books meet standard scope and sequence requirements, they are also customizable by you if your needs are different. Want more details about the books? Just click on the link above. 

TAA logo The Text and Academic Authors Association (TAA) provides professional development resources, industry news, and networking opportunities for textbook authors and authors of scholarly journal articles and books. β€‹

Teaching Journal Directory
This is a comprehensive list of disciplinary and interdisciplinary journals in the scholarship of teaching and Learning (SoTL)  on the Kennesaw State Center of Teaching and Learning web site.

Teaching Professor logo
​The Teaching Professor is an acclaimed newsletter devoted to the art and science of better teaching in higher education today.

Faculty Focus Logo
Faculty Focus publishes three articles each week written by instructors, teachers, instructional designers, and others from around the world, where they provide insight into what’s working (and what’s not) in the classroom and online.

Change deals with contemporary issues in higher learning. It is intended to stimulate and inform reflective practitioners in colleges, universities, corporations, government, and elsewhere. Using a magazine format rather than that of an academic journal, Change spotlights trends, provides new insights and ideas, and analyzes the implications of educational programs, policies, and practice.

Engines for Education logo"Our goal is to provide an alternative."  Engines for Education specializes in producing classroom-based, virtual-classroom-based, web-mentored, and pure e-learning simulations. They refer to simulations  as “Story-Centered Curricula” because each simulation centers on a rich, engaging story in which the learners play a central role, working to achieve meaningful objectives.

HEA logo ​ The Higher Education Academy  (Advance HE) is a UK-based organization responsible for enhancing teaching and supporting learning in higher education. 

Inside Higher Ed logo
Inside Higher Ed  is an online source for news, opinion and jobs for all of higher education. Whether you're an adjunct or a vice president, a grad student or an eminence grise, we've got what you need to thrive in your job or find a better one.
 Read, for example, 
"Professors Can Learn to Be More Effective Instructors," an article by Colleen Flaherty (2016) which highlights the relationship between professional development for faculty and student learning. 

New Learning
New Learning offers articles about the history of pedagogical ideas and theories.  It looks at the evolving body of research and thinking in the fields of literacy, pedagogy, and educational technologies.

POD logo
Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education: Essays on Teaching Excellence are short and succinct scholarly essays that were published by the POD Network on an annual basis from 1989-2011. The essays are free of charge and available to the public. The essays present innovative viewpoints on college and university instruction. 

Teaching Conferences Directory
This is a comprehensive list of teaching conferences and their sponsoring organizations  on the Kennesaw State Center of Teaching and Learning web site.

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