Fuqin Liu, Ph.D., RN

Associate Professor – Denton Center

Fuqin Liu is an Associate Professor at Texas Woman’s University College of Nursing, Denton campus. She teaches across RN-BSN, MS, and doctoral programs. Fuqin’s overall program of research is related to global maternal and child health. Fuqin’s research goals are to generate the evidence needed for better pregnancy outcomes. More specifically, Fuqin is interested in working in the following areas that can affect pregnancy outcomes: preconception care policy, reproductive life planning, fertility control, domestic violence, pre-pregnancy obesity, near misses, and failure to rescue. Fuqin's research and professional interests include nursing education from a global perspective and various women's health topics. She leads a study abroad women’s health course every other year. This graduate-level special topics course explores research, policy, and practice in relation to the health of women and families in China. An eleven-day field trip to China is required to complete the objectives of this course. The itinerary is usually a nice mix of conference experiences, hospital tours, an exploration of the community, and cultural engagement.



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