Ho Soon Michelle Cho, Ph.D., RN

Professor – Dallas Center
Teaching area: Adult Health Nursing and Nursing Theory
Research Interest: History of Nursing and Breast Cancer

Research Activities

Dr. Cho's research interests focus on the impact of post-surgical gowns and an educational program for postoperative care in mastectomy patients; effect of activity, body image, and comfort. Special emphasis is placed on the Papilla Gown. Drs. Cho and Jae Un Paek designed and patented the gown with objectives of making the post-mastectomy patient feel more comfortable and attractive, while facilitating movement and wound care. The gown provides good access to and support of the drainage system inconspicuous to others. Slits for the drainage tubes can be opened and closed with Velcro to allow placement of the drainage reservoirs into supporting pockets. The front pockets are designed to securely hold drainage tube and fluid-collection devices and to minimize the likelihood of painful pulling of the drain tubing.

Global Involvement

Dr. Cho has been working on Collaborations between two universities, Daejeon and Gyeongsang National University in Korea and Texas woman’s university (TWU). TWU joined with Daejeon Health Sciences College in Daejeon, Korea to initiate a learning partnership. The global connection began with an invitation for Korean nursing professors to reside in Dallas as visiting scholars and learn the latest technology used in nursing. After the Korean professors had studied at TWU for one year, eleven nursing students from their college in Korea came to Dallas and participated in a month-long immersion curriculum entitled “Different Ways of Knowing Program”. The curriculum began with an intensive two-week session of studying English. The last two weeks focused on the study of cardiovascular disorders, pharmacology, and evidenced-informed interventions. TWU nursing faculty educated the students in English using various teaching modalities which were new to the Korean students. In addition, the students made rounds in five acute care hospitals, participated in a multicultural exchange day with TWU nursing students, and visited local cultural destinations. The students reported that they experienced a growth of nursing knowledge and skills due to the technology-enriched program. They felt a connection with TWU students and faculty who demonstrated innovative ways of knowing and learning. The program has been running for three years.

Book Signing Event

Dr. Cho's 1997 book, A Korean Dream: Mo Im Kim's Influence on Korean Nursing, Health Care and Community was translated into Korean by K.D. Ahn in December 2014 with the title, Great Teacher Mo Im Kim Changed the History of Nursing (ISBN 979-11-85846-10-1). Yon Sei University College of Nursing in Seoul, Korea sponsored this refereed publication which can be found on the internet at:


There will be a book signing event prior to the 25th Quadrennial Congress International Council of Nurses (ICN) in Seoul, Korea in June 2015. A presentation from part of this book, "An Update of Dr. Mo Im Kim and Her Philosophical Musings: Recipient of the Christiane Reimann Prize" will be presented for a concurrent session at the 25th Quadrennial Congress ICN in Seoul, Korea on June 21, 2015".

The Christiane Reimann Prize recognizes outstanding nursing achievement and is nursing's most prestigious international award. The prize is a substantial cash award and a hand-painted porcelain statue of a nurse. This study is a part of ongoing research. The results of this study indicate that Dr. Kim took advantage of many opportunities such as expanding higher education nursing programs, fundraising, and implementing national health care policies based on her theme of "Health for All". Through her strong understanding of the best of the past, the needs of the present, and a vision for the future, Kim utilized her relationships with members of Yon Sei College of Nursing, the Korean Nurses Association, the Korean Parliament, the Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare, WHO, and the ICN.


Visiting Korean Scholars Liaison and mentor:

Semester                     Name of Faculty and University

Spring 2013                 Hyungsook  Jeong, Ph.D, RN. Dae Jeon Health Sciences College Korea

Spring - Fall 2010        Mee Kyung Cho, Ph.D., RN. Dae Jeon Health Sciences College Korea

Fall - Spring 2008        Soon Hee Choi, Ph.D., RN. Jeon Nam national University College of Nursing Kwangju, Korea

Fall 2006                     Eun Young Lee, Ph.D., RN. Han Yang University, Seoul, Korea

Fall - Spring 2002        Hyun Sook Oh, Ph.D., RN. Gyeongsang National University Jinju, Korea

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