Ho Soon Michelle Cho, Ph.D., RN

Professor – Dallas Center
Teaching area: Adult Health Nursing and Nursing Theory
Research Interest: History of Nursing and Breast Cancer

Ho Soon Michelle Cho came to TWU in 1997 and has been teaching undergraduate and graduate nursing courses on the Dallas campus. Dr. Cho's research interests focus on the impact of post-surgical gowns and an educational program for postoperative care in mastectomy patients and Nursing history especially Korean Community health nursing. Dr. Cho’s global involvement started working with a Korean visiting scholar, Hyunsook Oh from Korea, from January 2002 to December 2002. Dr. Oh who came from Gyeongsang National University (GNU), Dr. Cho’s alma mater.  Then, GNU later established an MOU with TWU and thereafter, five Korean Universities have made an MOU with TWU to participate in the Global Nursing Program from 2011 to present.  She has mentored seven international visiting scholars since 2002.

Dr. Cho has been working on collaborations between two universities, Daejeon Health Sciences College and Gyeongsang National University in Korea and Texas woman’s University (TWU). TWU joined with Daejeon Health Sciences College in Daejeon, Korea to initiate a learning partnership. The global connection began with an invitation for Korean nursing professors to reside in Dallas as visiting scholars and learn the latest technology used in nursing. After the Korean professors had studied at TWU for one year, eleven nursing students from their college in Korea came to Dallas and participated in a month-long immersion curriculum entitled “Different Ways of Knowing Program”. The curriculum began with an intensive two-week session of studying English. The last two weeks focused on the study of cardiovascular disorders, pharmacology, and evidenced-informed interventions. TWU nursing faculty educated the students in English using various teaching modalities that were new to the Korean students. In addition, the students made rounds in five acute care hospitals, participated in a multicultural exchange day with TWU nursing students, and visited local cultural destinations. The students reported that they experienced a growth of nursing knowledge and skills due to the technology-enriched program. They felt a connection with TWU students and faculty who demonstrated innovative ways of knowing and learning. The program has been running for eight years.

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