Data Use and Confidentiality Agreement For Alumni Volunteers

TWU University Advancement will provide relevant information from the Advancement database to alumni volunteers to further the organization’s mission of strengthening alumni relationships between the University and its graduates. To ensure the confidentiality of the alumni data and protect the privacy of the graduates, it is important for alumni volunteer leaders to understand and adhere to proper use and protection of the information generated to meet their needs.

The information provided from the University Advancement database is solely intended to accomplish the mission of the University Advancement and, specifically, the stated purpose of the request. The data provided cannot be re-used, shared, distributed, or used in any way that might compromise the confidentiality of TWU alumni data. It may not be used for commercial or political purposes or for the benefit of any other organization.

Data that may be provided to a current volunteer who requests a list for the purpose of involving alumni include name, class year, city, and phone number if there are plans to call alumni to get them involved. Any other information requested would be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Data that will not be provided include: Alumni ID or SSN and giving history.

Once the data is used for the intended purpose, the list should be deleted (if electronic) from the user’s computer or shredded (if the list in printed). The University Advancement can shred the document if necessary.

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I understand my responsibility in protecting the confidentiality of TWU alumni data I receive and agree that all data will be used solely for the purposes as stated in each request. I agree to abide by these requirements and deal discreetly with confidential records and information. I understand that inappropriate disclosure of this confidential information will be dealt with in accordance with the regular due process of the University Advancement office. I will respect the right to privacy for alumni and avoid disseminating confidential information. This agreement will stand for all future data requests I make to TWU University Advancement in my role as a volunteer. I agree to comply with all state and federal laws pertaining to the use of this data.

I understand and agree with the conditions set forth above.

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