Alumni Scholarship FAQ

How much is this scholarship worth?

As long as you remain in good academic standing, you will receive $500 for the Spring semester and $500 for the Fall semester. This scholarship is not stackable, so if you are selected for another scholarship, you will be awarded the scholarship with the highest value.

Who is eligible to apply for this scholarship?

All TWU alumni who:

  • Want to start a new advanced degree program they haven't started at another university
    • Including all 2021 and 2022 graduates
  • Met the admissions requirements for your degree program of interest

*select programs qualify for this scholarship

What degrees can I pursue with this scholarship?

TWU alumni may use this scholarship for degrees in any of the participating programs listed here.

What degree programs are not eligible for this scholarship?

The scholarship cannot be used in any of the following departments:

I have already started my degree program. Can I receive this scholarship?

No, this scholarship is only open to TWU alumni that are applying to start a new program.

I have other scholarships from TWU. Can I still receive this scholarship?

No. This scholarship is not stackable with other scholarships from TWU.

Can I receive this scholarship and a graduate assistantship?

Yes, you may be awarded the scholarship and a graduate assistantship.

What is required to receive this scholarship?

*select programs qualify for this scholarship

I’ve been accepted for the fall semester already. Can I qualify for this scholarship?

No. New scholarship programs at TWU are created throughout the year. You cannot become eligible for a new scholarship program that did not exist when you first applied to TWU.

I’m interested in a program that’s not on the alumni scholarship degree list. Can I still apply for this scholarship?

Only those degree programs listed qualify for this special alumni offer. But, we encourage you to apply to TWU for other degrees as you may qualify for other scholarships offered by the university if you are accepted to the program. Visit the Pioneer Scholarship System for more information.

Page last updated 9:17 AM, March 17, 2023