Waived Application Fee

TWU Alumni who are about to earn their degree in the current semester before the start term of their graduate program application OR have earned a TWU degree within the last two semesters are eligible to submit the Alumni Advantage Waiver Form.

To receive your Alumni Advantage waived application fee:

Two TWU students walk across campus on a Fall afternoon.
  1. Complete your application.
  2. Choose the pay offline option to avoid paying the application fee online.
    • Graduate Online Application –
      1. Save the application at the "Save and Pay" screen.
      2. Complete the Fee Waiver form (follow instructions in Step 3 below) and upload an unofficial transcript.
      3. Look out for an email notification to return to the application and press the submit button.
      4. OAP will process the waiver
  3. Complete the Alumni Advantage fee waiver form in order to have your fee waived. You will need to upload your unofficial TWU transcript.

Page last updated 9:58 AM, May 15, 2024