QEP Leadership

QEP Co-Chairs of Development

The co-chairs were tasked with refining the QEP into a plan that TWU can effectively support, execute, and sustain. A QEP Director will be chosen in spring 2023.

Gretchen Busl
Associate Professor - Language, Culture, and Gender Studies

Michelle Kelly
Director - Health & Wellbeing Initiative

Executive Advisory Committee

This committee provides decision-making guidance with the QEP on topics related to implementation, budget, and other necessary resources.

  • Provost
  • Graduate School Dean
  • Vice Provost of Student Success
  • Vice Provost of Faculty Success
  • Vice Provost of Curriculum and Strategic Initiatives
  • Vice President of Student Life
  • Vice Provost of Institutional Research & Improvement
  • Jane Nelson Institute for Women's Leadership
  • Graduate Student Council Leadership

QEP Selection Committee Members

Kenneth Evans
Manager - Research & User Experience, Blagg-Huey Libraries

Brian Fehler
Associate Professor - Language, Culture, and Gender Studies

Amanda Hurlbut
Assistant Professor - Teacher Education

Barbara Lerner
Vice Provost - Undergraduate Studies and Academic Partnerships

Seren Lind 
Undergraduate Student

Shaunon McClellan
Assistant Director - Pioneer Center for Student Excellence (Dallas)

Mindy Patterson
Associate Professor - Nutrition and Food Sciences (Houston),

David Rylander
Professor - Business

Becky Rodriguez
Executive Director - Diversity, Inclusion & Outreach

Rochelle Schultz
Associate Clinical Professor - Nursing (Houston)

Gray Scott
Director of Academic Assessment & Accreditation - Vice Provost - IR & Improvement

Jennifer Shealey
Student Assistant - Campus Alliance & Resource Education

Gabrielle Smith
Associate Professor - Psychology & Philosophy

Hunter Vermeer
Graduate Student - Social Sciences & Historical Studies

Kyle Voyles
Executive Director - Center for Student Development

Jennifer Wilson
Clinical Professor - Nursing (Dallas)

QEP Advisory Committee

This committee serves as the communication leaders and advisors across their respective departments and colleges. In addition, their expertise provides guidance on issues related to assessment, faculty/staff training, student engagement, marketing, and technology.

Shazia Ahmed
Clinical Professor - Biology

Linda Barnett
Assistant Clinical Professor - Occupational Therapy

Ashley Bender
Associate Professor - Language, Culture, and Gender Studies

Kat Coffey
Associate Clinical Professor - Health Promotion and Kinesiology

Damon Cottrell
Interim Dean - Nursing

Jennifer Danley-Scott
Lecturer - Sociology, History, Political Science

Diana Elrod
Lecturer - Center for Student Research/Biology

Amy Evans
Director of Communications - Student Life

Stephanie Evans
Assistant Professor - Nursing

Angie Griffin
Assistant Clinical Professor - Nutrition

Jackie Hoermann-Elliott
Assistant Professor - Language, Culture, and Gender Studies

Kris Kaskel-Ruiz 
Vice President – Marketing and Communication

Kendell Kelly
Graduate Assistant - HWI GA

Dundee Lackey
Associate Professor - Language, Culture, and Gender Studies

Ann Malecha
Professor - Nursing

Nasrin Mirsaleh-Kohan
Associate Professor - Chemistry & Biochemistry

Abigail Morris
Director of Academic Support & Collaboration - Library

Maria Peterson-Ahmad
Associate Professor - Teacher Education

Gray Scott
Director of Academic Assessment & Accreditation - Vice Provost - IR & Improvement

Adrian Shapiro
Manager of Digital Initiatives & Assessment - Library

Christine Torres
Assistant Director - Pioneer Center for Student Excellence

Rikki Willingham
Graduate Assistant - GSC President

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