Managing Students in Distress

Is the student in imminent danger of harm to self or others? Contact the TWU Department of Public Safety immediately (81-2911 – this number is staffed 24/7 and covers Dallas as well as Houston emergency responses)

If the individual has a gun, follow the Active Shooter Checklist.

If you have concerns about a student, but there is not imminent danger, complete a Student Life Behavioral Assessment Report. Print and submit this form  to the office of the Senior Associate Vice President for Student Engagement (SAVPSE) for review and appropriate referral and disposition.

Faculty members are on the front line of every institution, in a position to see the behavior of our students in an array of settings (as well as staff and fellow faculty). This means that they are best placed to identify behavior of concern and share that with appropriate responders.

Texas Woman’s University has established a Behavioral Assessment Team (BAT) to investigate and evaluate reports from faculty, staff and others. The BAT is staffed by administrators and one faculty member with responsibilities for reviewing student behavior and making recommendations based on each individual situation. The investigations shall be conducted confidentially and carefully to balance the needs of the university with the student’s rights to due process.

Assessing Disturbing Behavior

What should you report? The best standard to use is your own best judgment about what behavior is acceptable and what disruptive. To seek additional guidance, you may wish to review materials on these web pages:

Student Code of Conduct — Covers students’ rights and responsibilities, as well as review and disciplinary action.

TWU Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) to Faculty and Staff

  • How to Deal with Distressed Students
  • Concerns about Student Behavior
  • Considerations for Requiring Self-Exploration and Self-Disclosure in Coursework
  • Outreach Programs and Workshops from the Counseling Center-Denton Campus
  • Other services

You may seek consultation on questions you may have by contacting

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