Sue S. Bancroft Women’s Leadership Hall

The Sue S. Bancroft Women’s Leadership Hall is an interactive history exhibit that will showcase the contributions and leadership legacy of Texas women in politics and public policy. It will be one of the first such exhibits in Texas and among the first in the U.S. It is set to open to the public in Spring 2021, pending COVID-19 restrictions.

Created to teach students about accomplished women leaders and inspire them to become leaders themselves, the exhibit will include three sections, designed by Amaze Designs:

Pioneering Women Exhibit

This exhibit will feature 12 Texas women/organizations who were involved in politics and public policy, complete with their stories and artifacts.

Suffrage Exhibit

This exhibit will commemorate the 100th anniversary of the passing of the 19th Amendment through the focus of Minnie Fisher Cunningham and the Texas woman suffrage movement. One goal of the exhibit is to explain that the suffrage movement continues today. It will also touch on the unique struggle for voting rights minorities faced and their exclusion from the white suffrage movement.

2018 Election Exhibit

This exhibit will rotate with each major election and will focus on the Texas women who ran and/or were elected to various positions. Within the exhibit space will be an interactive Texas county map, which will eventually show data on who was the first woman elected to different public office positions.

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