Grace Woodruff Cartwright

Grace Woodruff Cartwright, Texas Women's Hall of Fame Inductee 1985

1985 Inductee
Agriculture & Ranching

Grace Woodruff Cartwright, a Weatherford rancher and farmer for 56-plus years, won recognition for building a rural community, Tin Top, Texas. She was also recognized for organizing 72 ranchers in five counties to form the Brazos Valley Association to reclaim land and homes and to harness the Brazos River.

Mrs. Cartwright helped build Weatherford’s park system, and a 147-acre park was renamed after her. She was singled out for distinguished service on three state boards: the North Texas State University Board of Regents, the Texas Water Quality Board, and the Texas Tourist Board.

She endowed more than a dozen university scholarships for encouragement of agricultural studies and was a former Keep Texas Beautiful vice-president.

Mrs. Cartwright worked as an extension agent for Texas A&M University helping Parker County women achieve a better quality of farm life. She earned her degree at North Texas State University (University of North Texas).

Grace Woodruff Cartwright died on February 20, 2003.

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