Cybersecurity in Six Words Wall

Inspired by Six Words about Privacy at the University of Michigan and Six Words on Cybersecurity at the University of California, San Diego, Texas Woman’s University’s Cybersecurity in Six Words campaign debuted during Cybersecurity Awareness Month in 2022. Students, faculty and staff told TWU Information Security what cybersecurity means to them in six words or less. Below are responses to the campaign. We hope that responses from this and future campaigns will open up conversations, raise awareness, and help us all understand how to better secure our digital lives.

Digital safety in an insecure world

Information protection Corin

Dancing on the edge of convenience Heather

Lowers the risk from cyber attacks

Safety and assurance, awake or asleep

Feeling safe sharing your life’s moments! Karire

No phishing zone in this school

Protecting digital systems from being attacked Tomeka

If it sounds suspicious, report quickly.

Being cautious with technology for protection Brittany

Defending yourself against criminal cyber-thugs

Integral, evolving, ubiquitous, safety, global, protection Laureli

Protecting People from Digital Pirates Judy

Informs and protects against invisible threats Frances

Privacy, safety, fraud, phishing, awareness, trust Christina

Keeping accounts safe with difficult passwords Susan

Ensuring the protection of our future Kristen

Encryption and privacy of data

Denying Dastardly Digital Desperados Discrete Data Kyle

Knowledge, community, sharing, power, awareness, connected

No trace, safe space!

Peace of mind Karen

Analyze and protect data through adversity Arin

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