TWU seeks applicants for student regent

Nov. 11, 2022 — DENTON — Current Student Regent, Lily Wilson, applied to be Texas Woman's student regent as a freshman. Today she serves the university and student body in ways that she never imagined and says that the benefits will extend into her future career.

"Being the student regent has taught me a new level of leadership as well as an understanding of everything that goes into making TWU so great," said Wilson. "To someone on the fence about applying, I would say, go for it!"

TWU’s Student Government Association is currently seeking new applicants to serve as the next student regent for the 2023-2024 academic year.

Since 2006, student regents have played an integral role in university governing boards across the state. While student regents are nonvoting, the perspective they bring to the board of regents helps ensure that the student perspective is heard and considered in their decisions.  

Brookelyn Bush, who served as student regent for 2020-2021, said she applied because she wanted to be a voice for her peers and is grateful for the opportunity that taught her what it means to be a leader. 

“I attended board meetings, stayed up late chatting with students through DM on Instagram, listening to students' concerns, presented to different student organizations about what a student regent does, attended graduation ceremonies and participated in so many other opportunities,” she said.

Bush says that serving as student regent helped her learn how to advocate for others and how to embrace career challenges. 

Student regents serve a one-year term from June 1 through May 31. If interested in serving, students should review the qualifications and requirements thoroughly before submitting their name for consideration. Applications will be accepted until Friday, Dec. 9.

Campus interviews will begin in mid-January with recommendations submitted to the Chancellor in late-January. By mid-February, two or more applicants will be submitted to the Governor for final consideration and approval.

"Even if you are not selected, participating in the interviews and filling out the application is an experience in itself," said Bush.

Wilson adds, "It will truly be the experience of a lifetime, and a great opportunity to serve those around you! Plus a free parking pass--who couldn't use that!"


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