Nomination Categories

Qualities for Consideration

Over time, a variety of categories have emerged to assist us in organizing the way we honor those individuals, who have sacrificed a great deal of time and energy, and shared so much of their heart with others here at the TWU Houston site throughout the journey of their accomplishments. Familiarize yourself with the structure outlined below, and consider carefully the individuals that have been brought into your life while you have been a student here.

Outstanding Student Leader

One individual from each academic department may be selected. Students nominated must have demonstrated significant leadership within the given academic year. Evaluations of students will be based on their involvement with campus life, academics and the community. The Overall Outstanding Student Leader will be selected from this group of nominees.

Outstanding Student Leader Nomination Form

Outstanding International Student Leader

Significant leadership must have been demonstrated by this student during the present academic year. Evaluations will be based on their experience knitting together the supportive fabric of the international community; possibly serving in the role of mentor to newcomers; demonstrated ability to share and weave their respective cultures with others; involvement with campus life, academics and the community.

Outstanding International Student Leader Nomination Form

Un-Sung Student Hero

This student works behind the scenes with relentless dedication to the greater task at hand. Although not an individual whose being or skills are necessarily visible to the public at large, without this student’s commitment and focused energies, projects would quite literally not get off the ground with the high quality and delivery experienced.

Un-Sung Student Hero Nomination Form

Emerging Student Leader

The student must have demonstrated qualities within the present academic year that establishes her/him as an up-and-coming leader.

Emerging Student Leader Nomination Form

Outstanding Student Organization

The evaluation of organizations will be based on their membership development, programming and activities, operations of the organization, community service, as well as relationship and involvement with the University during the current academic year.

Outstanding Student Organization Nomination Form

Student Organization On-the-Move

The selected organization has been recognized this present academic year as one having made great strides in overall growth and level of activity, both at TWU and in the broader community. A “blossoming” is being acknowledged and celebrated here.

Student Organization On-the-Move Nomination Form

Outstanding Faculty/Staff Advisor for a Student Organization

Although Registered Organizations with the University are student driven, the advisor(s) plays a key roll in shaping the development and strength of their respective organization. Faculty/staff advisors will be evaluated based on their involvement with the organizations, including the contributions made to and the impact (s)he has had on that registered group of individuals during the current year.

Outstanding Faculty/Staff Advisor for a Student Organization Nomination Form

Outstanding Mentor

Individuals considered for this award will have served in a one-on-one leadership role, guiding another in areas where they have much experience and/or knowledge. This may not be a “formalized” relationship, per se, but the faculty/staff will have actively taken someone “under their wing” for a period of time as experiential learning unfolds.

Outstanding Mentor Nomination Form

Outstanding Staff

When choosing a particular staff member, we will consider those who consistently perform beyond expectations in their demonstrated leadership and service within, as well as their contributions to the TWU—Houston community during this current academic year.

Outstanding Staff Nomination Form

Outstanding Faculty

This category brings to the surface those faculty members who may have been a point of inspiration, an individual who really went out of their way to help in the success of students, an instructor who motivated with creative ideas outside the box, a faculty member whose care for the future of students was exercised in relentless pursuit of accepting nothing less than the very best.

Outstanding Faculty Nomination Form

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