Dr. Paul Bones Hosts Redefining Disability Book Launch Webinar March 23

Texas Woman's Assistant Professor of Sociology Dr. Paul Bones will host a roundtable discussion with several authors from Redefining Disability. The authors will share their expertise and experiences with disability in life, education, employment, and beyond.

The reality of disability—of what it means to be disabled—has primarily been written by non-disabled people. Disability and disabled individuals are often described with pity, presented as burdens, or are background figures in larger non-disabled narratives. Redefining Disability challenges the outsider-dominated approach to disability by centering the disabled experience.

This edited volume, featuring all disabled authors and creators, combines traditional academic works with personal reflections, visual art, and poetry. These works address disability and race, sexuality and disability, disability cultures, accommodation, self-diagnosis, and how we manage the obstacles ableist institutions place in our way. The authors address a variety of disabilities, including sensory, chronic pain, mobility, developmental disorders, and mental illness. It is through these testimonies that we hope to redefine disability on our terms; to clearly state that disability is not a bad word, and that all disabled lives have value.

Guest speakers include:

  • Aurora Berger (she/her), The Newton School
  • Dr. Paul Bones (he/him), Texas Woman's University
  • Dr. Vanessa Ellison (she/her), Texas Woman's University
  • Katherine O'Connell (she/her), Precision
  • Cole Sorensen (he/him), Minnesota Disability Support Alternatives

The webinar will take place via Zoom on March 23, 5 PM CST, and you can join the online event at: https://twu-edu.zoom.us/s/95992683935

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