March is Social Work Month

Social Work faculty and staff

By Emarely Rosa-Dávila, PhD
Assistant Professor of Social Work, director of bachelor of social work program

Social workers are some of the world's most dedicated and compassionate professionals. They work tirelessly to help individuals and communities overcome obstacles and break down barriers that prevent them from achieving their full potential.

One of the most remarkable things about social workers is their ability to break barriers. They are experts at identifying and understanding the root causes of social problems. They use this knowledge to develop innovative solutions to help people overcome challenges and improve their lives.

Social workers are also champions of diversity and inclusion. They recognize that people from all walks of life face unique challenges and that these challenges often stem from systemic barriers that have been entrenched for generations. With their deep understanding of these issues, social workers are able to provide the support and resources that people need to overcome these barriers and achieve their goals.

Social workers are not just helpers - they are advocates, change agents, and champions of social justice. They work tirelessly to promote policies and practices that break down barriers and create a more equitable society for all. Through their dedication and commitment, they are able to create lasting change and transform lives.

As we celebrate Social Work Month, let us recognize the incredible work that social workers do every day to break down barriers and build a better world.

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